www.aboutdrugs.us National Rehab has comprehensive information pages on many drugs from stimulants to opiates. The pages contained in this site are meant to share knowledge and help people identify the symptoms and behaviors associated with drug abuse and addiction.

www.drug-addict-intervention.com Excellent intervention website! Learn how and why interventions work and more about this invaluable first step to recovery. “The goal of an intervention is to persuade an individual to recognize the problem and accept assistance for whatever issue(s) they are struggling with…”

www.drugabuse-treatment.com Another effective treatment facility specializing in drug abuse and addiction.

www.meth-addiction.com Is methamphetamine abuse causing damage to yourself or a loved one? Find help here!

www.heroin-drug-abuse.com Heroin addiction is one of the most insidious drugs for long term abuse. The earlier recovery is sought the more likely the success but young or old there is always hope and help if you click here.

www.drugaddictionfaq.com 10 common questions, the answers and treatment hotline.

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Intervention Services The solution to a drug and alcohol problem begins with Intervention 911. We do interventions for all types of destructive behaviors that affect individuals, families and the workplace. We come to you and organize, train and arrange all the details to ensure your loved one gets the help he or she needs.