Many people throughout the world struggle with substance abuse and many make the decision to quit on their own. Unfortunately, the rate of relapse is very high for people who do not receive any type of outside help. The most successful rate of recovery includes professional help. Once the problem with drugs or alcohol is acknowledged, treatment can begin.

The American Medical Association considers substance and alcohol addiction to be a disease and like other diseases they require specialized attention. Gulf Coast Recovery provides this specialized treatment for drug and alcohol abuse.

Different types or combinations of types of treatment work better for different people. Generally, the more treatment given and the longer the program, the better and longer-lasting the results. Due to the progressive nature of drug and alcohol addiction, detox and rehab are best started as soon as possible.

Call and consult with one of our counselors right now to have your questions answered. It is an important step on the road to lasting recovery from drug and/or alcohol abuse. Call us toll free at (800) 847-0544.

Going through rehab and getting sober reduces the likelihood of devastating consequences:

  • Automobile and boating accidents
  • Murders, suicides, and other crimes
  • Health problems such as liver damage, heart disease, or death
  • Relationship problems with family, friends and divorce.