What is detox?

The first step for all patients is detoxification. Some severe cases are treated in hospitals but for the majority of our clients our staff creates a safe and obviously drug free environment where they can detox naturally. When withdrawal symptoms fade due to the elimination of drugs or alcohol from the body the focus becomes on making behavioral changes to achieve long-term control over the addiction and abstinence from the addictive substance.

What will happen in rehab?

Due to the progressive nature of drug and alcohol addiction, detox and rehab should take place as soon as possible. Rehabilitation is never an easy process. Patients must come face to face with a part of their life they are probably not proud of. They must learn new methods of dealing with stress to replace the old methods that included drugs or alcohol. They must cope with cravings and deal with many different aspects of their life in new, healthier ways.

Many patients participate in support groups or 12-step programs for an indefinite amount of time to help prevent relapse. Some learn new skills so they will be able to get (and keep) a job and return to the community. Rehab can be difficult, but it is worth it to achieve a life free of drug and alcohol dependence. Please call (800) 847-0544 to take the first step.

What is the objective of rehab?

The objective of rehab is to eliminate drugs or alcohol from the patient's body and provide them with information on healthy behaviors to achieve long-term control over the addiction and abstinence from the addictive substance.

Are there different types of rehab?

There are different types of rehab. Short term rehab lasts less than six months. It may include medication therapy, residential therapy, support groups, or counseling. Long term therapy lasts longer than six months but includes the same elements. Outpatient therapy does not require the client to live in the treatment center but successful programs like Gulf Coast Recovery offer programs where clients can create a foundation of recovery.