The primary location of Gulf Coast Recovery is on the shore of Treasure Island, Florida but Addiction Rehab is no vacation. The purpose of our resort-like location and comfortable facilities is to ensure our clients can relax and focus on their recovery. Recovering from addiction through a treatment program is a soul-searching journey that is designed to break through denial and face some hard truths about oneself and addiction.

Gulf Coast Recovery takes pride in our professional staff of counselors and interventionists. The key to successful recovery is developing an appropriate treatment plan for each client while allowing them to safely interrupt using behaviors for an extended time. This is the foundation of Addiction Rehab and is a crucial element to long term sobriety.

Our information page discusses some of the important reasons to seek treatment now and avoid further consequences. Our FAQ page answers common questions like

  • What is detox?
  • What will happen in rehab?
  • What is the objective of rehab?
  • Are there different types of rehab?

You will also find valuable information on our resource page but if you or a loved one needs help the first step is to give us a call at 800-847-0544. There is no reason to suffer without help for even one more day. Gulf Coast Recovery can help.