Addiciton RecoveryWelcome to Addiction Rehab by Gulf Coast Recovery. We are glad you found us on your path of seeking help and recovery. We are a nationally recognized addiction treatment center with a successful track record of helping clients relieve the suffering of addiction. If you have a problem of dependence on drugs, alcohol, prescription drugs or other substances you have come to the right place. If you are seeking treatment options for a family member or loved one we can help you too. The fastest way to have your specific questions answered is to call us right now toll free at 800-847-0544.

Many people who contact Gulf Coast Recovery are in crisis and feel frustrated and confused by the disease of addiction. We hope that our site gives you the information you need to give us a call and trust that we can put you on the road of recovery like we have for so many of our clients.

Our trained counselors and safe facilities immediately put an end to the self-destructive behaviors you may be suffering with right now. Family, friends and co-workers can feel like they are going through hell when someone they care about is abusing drugs or alcohol but nobody is suffering as much as the user himself or herself.

Gulf Coast Recovery offers a wide variety of services and locations to deal with your specific circumstances and conditions. Please read on to learn what we are about, more information on addiction and frequently asked questions.

If you know you want help right now or a loved one needs help right now, do call us for treatment options, intervention planning, court ordered treatment and crisis consultation. 800-847-0544